North to the Future

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Garrett's First Words

Garrett's vocabulary has grown quickly, although currently he seems to be stuck on the word "mine". Below are a small selection of our favorites, possibly because they are his first.

The Hearbeat

This audio clip was taken during one of Lori's checks and was recorded from our video camera on 8/15/03. It was the first time we heard Garrett's hearbeat.


Caught by sheer luck, although lots of prompting was taking place. Listen and you can hear the coaching, but it was still amazing to hear Dada the first time on 9/4/04.

A good laugh?

Everybody needs a good laugh, including our son. Call it torture, call it a tickle fight … he now lifts his shirt in anticipation.


Saying "Hi" has always been a favorite of our son. It's now saying "Hi guys" and "Bye guys" as he enters and leaves a room. Listen to Hi Ceeds (our dog), Hi Daddy and Hi Mama.


Nobody can say our son isn't good with his please and thank you's… lets just hope they stick. Here are a few of our favorites: I'm sorry, please and the cutest thank you you'll ever hear.


All kids like airplanes, trucks and choo choos. Are son is no exception. You can hear the excitement in his voice as he says Choo choo. At times he gets impatient when I ask him to repeat words such as with airplane.


Many times kids speak their own language and the parents are the only ones that seem to understand. Then there's words like box that anyone can understand.

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This page lists Garrett's first words, but can you remember what the very first word was?