North to the Future

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Garrett's Video Vault

It's funny, when we had Garrett we figured a video camera was a must. Other than capturing the first steps and a few other firsts' we find ourselves taking photographs to capture the moments. The reason could be that our Canon Elura video camera's battery doesn't hold a charge longer than a few minutes. Below are a few short videos we were able to squeeze in before the battery went dead... hope you'll enjoy.

First Steps

What would the video vault be without Garrett's first steps? For the best resolution/quality select the image above or view the modem version.


Giggles with the Pooches

This video opens with a close up of Garrett with me in the background trying to encourage him to roll. He becomes captivated by the camera's LCD screen instead. The video closes with him in a ceiling-mounted bouncy seat laughing with the dogs.


First Tearless Sled Ride

After a short tow up the hill, Garrett was able to ride down with only the tears of speed and laughter. Previous to this brave ride it sounded like he was being tortured.


Dog Light

The video starts off very dark with what appears to be a firefly. When the light turns on you'll see one of Garrett's favorite night-time activities, aside from hide-and-seak.


Rock Throwing

It would be a trip to the beach without throwing rocks for Cedar. It's amazing that Ceeds still has any teeth!

QT Help

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